About Czur

About Czur

Our Aim

CZUR is a high-tech company founded in 2013 that focuses on Smart Hardware Solutions for Enterprises and Individuals. Our aim is to create smart office appliances that include the latest technologies and human touch to fundamentally improve work efficiency in office environments. We entered the office equipment sector with a Smart Scanner Solution that effectively resolved a challenge that has frustrated office workers for over 30 years: Quickly scan bound materials.

Our Value

Average working adults spend at least 60% of their conscious time in the office, making our goal of building smarter offices much more important than what most people like to think. In CZUR, we define Smart as providing a solution where users can forget about looking for solutions to solve a problem. True smartness happens when it does the job for you without making you aware of its presence.

Our Vision

Offices have gone through multiple stages of evolution, starting from traditional internet, mobile interactive offices, and to the latest form of Internet of Things (IOT). Technological advancements are always bringing something new to the workplace. CZUR therefore explored the possibilities of integrating software, hardware, cloud services, and advanced algorithms to provide better experiences while predicting future trends in office development.

Introducing a whole-new level of thinking that reverberated throughout the scanner sector, CZUR revitalizes the stagnating industry with the latest advancements while providing users with all-new options. At CZUR, we hope that non-stop innovation and creativity will provide the office with effective solutions that offer human warmth.